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Through balanced academic & career skills curricula, we prepare our high schoolers for success

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The responsiveness of credentials to the needs of individuals, the expectations of communities, and the requirements of students’ destinations after school be it further education and/or work is not robustly met under current global systems. What are the obviously glaring problems? Most systems are not inclusive enough. Inclusivity has been skewed to mean reducing overall standards to encourage underserved populations in different communities worldwide. What inclusivity means is the recognition of an individual’s performances outside formal education and this cannot be achieved without understanding the component mix of academic, soft, and work skills in a unit of learning/performance. Our qualifications system is not responsive enough.

Most school systems’ pedagogical curricula, instructional, and reward systems are too complicated, as a result not transparent enough, because the relative values of different kinds of achievements are not explicit. The administrative burden of accrediting new curricula subject matter due to changes in the requirements, expectations, and needs that impact dynamic design, the registration, assessment, and credentialing is too high, and a barrier in the existing educational systems globally. The advent of digital transformation and its application in school systems for education management should result in a weighted unitized parcel of curricula activities. One that is able to recognize the component mix of knowledge, skills, and contextualized understanding content of curricula and hence credentials.

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